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Best Comic Collector App Ever! Nuff said! This app has single handily rekindled my love for back issues. Plus they keep you up on possible trends in collecting, which can be very valuable when you make your pull list selections. Fantastic app. Download it now and get back to collecting with the Key Collector Edge! My Go to Source for Comic Pricing I have had lists and post it notes in the past to remind to pick up new issues and back issues.

I have a separate short box labeled Key Issues. Plus I have purchased comics from this app. Never go anywhere without this app. No spam, just expert insight and info about giveaways and other promotions. Use our FREE database of first appearances, iconic covers and milestone moments to focus on the comics that matter. Trending Hot Daily Updates.

Subscriber Exclusives View All. First Cover. By The Numbers View All. When the Chase family moves to an isolated house in the middle of nowhere in Detroit, Arkin is hired to fix the windows and the doors. Later he meets his daughter and his wife that has a debt with dangerous sharks and needs money, but his week payment is not enough to pay her debts. Arkin plots to heist the safe of Michael Chase during the night to raise the necessary money. However, when he arrives in the house, he finds that a sadistic criminal has imprisoned the family and planted traps everywhere.

Arkin seeks a way out of the deadly house to save his life. I saw this film yesterday with two of my friends. It was this or Funny People but I’ve lost faith in Adam Sandler since “You Don’t Mess With the Zohan” And none of us wanted to watch Harry Potter so walking in to the The Collector it was fifty fifty that it was going to be any good considering it’s from the writers of the last couple of Saw movies.

But I was surprised at how great it was. The setup was quick the violence is gory and there was some scary disturbing moments plus the last couple of minutes were really intense. Plus this was way better than the amazingly crappy Transformers 2. Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. Release Dates. Official Sites. Company Credits.

Technical Specs. Plot Summary. Plot Keywords. Parents Guide. External Sites. User Reviews. User Ratings. External Reviews. She has lost everyone including her best friend and she suffers greatly, but she perseveres. Many thanks to the author, Bookish First and the publisher for the chance to read and review this wonderful story that will stay with me for a long time. I can’t even begin to tell you how frightening this book was-it should probably be right up there with Stephen King’s best!

But don’t let that description fool you; while this can be a heartbreaking look into the times -it also shows how caring people can be and has a happy ending -thank goodness! This was one of the most powerful books that I have read lately. This book deals with the Spanish Flu in such a realistic manner that it had my stomach tied up in knots. The similarities to Covid 1 I can’t even begin to tell you how frightening this book was-it should probably be right up there with Stephen King’s best!

The similarities to Covid 19 and our subsequent waves of the flu is frightening. Then to add more turmoil to this pandemic, we are going to deal with an insane woman and an uncaring Nun who runs one of the orphanages who takes babies and children from orphanages and the streets especially immigrant children and has them relocated across the county to ‘become good Americans,’ never knowing if these babies and children have other families to care for them.

Our protagonist, Pia Lang, just 13 at the time, has to deal with some horrific actions after her mother succumbs to the flu. This book really resonated with me, especially dealing with what we are years later. Thank god for technology and medical science. I highly recommend this book and if you do read it, be sure to read the author’s notes at the back and skim over some of the discussion questions. View all 4 comments. Although it took an extraordinarily long time for this book to be delivered to my home, it was well worth the wait.

I could not put this book down. The timing of this novel could not have been more coincidental. It coincided with the outbreak of the Coronavirus in the United States and worldwide.

Although I heard the Coronavirus being compared to the Spanish Flu, I did not know a lot about the Spanish Flu and that time in our history. It was surely a very sad and devastating time. The way the Spanish flu attacked children, adults, families, babies and life in general will break your heart.

The characters in The Orphan Collector were brilliantly developed and made a lasting impression on me. If you enjoy reading historical fiction that is well researched, The Orphan Collector will not disappoint.

Pia Lange was a thirteen year old girl when the Spanish Flu struck in September of She was living in the city of Philadelphia in the Fifth Ward. She was very poor. Pia lived with her Mutti mother and two twin baby brothers, Oliver and Maxwell or Ollie and Max for short.

Her Vater father had enlisted in the army and was off fighting in the war. Pia’s family had immigrated to the United States from Germany when she was a four year old girl. Since the war began, German-American citizens were not looked on kindly. Some companies even stopped employing Germans. Pia’s Mutti lost her job at a textile mill as a result. With all the anti-German feelings Mutti tried very hard not to speak any German words in public. They did not have a lot of friends as a result.

Everyone was wary of anyone from Germany that were now living in the United States. When Mutti heard about the Liberty Loan parade she was determined to attend. She knew she could not afford to buy Liberty loans or to give a donation to the Red Cross so this was the best way she could show her patriotism. Over , people gathered for the parade on that fateful day in Everyone was there to support the troops, buy war bonds and show their patriotism.

The mayor had been warned to cancel the parade but he paid no mind to the warnings. The day before the parade it was reported that over people had been admitted to the hospitals. Pia was gifted with the ability to detect illness. She was able to tell when someone was sick just by touching them. As Pia came into contact with several people during the parade she could sense that something was very wrong.

Little did she know that her life would be altered drastically as a result of attending that parade. As tragedy hit Pia’s family, Pia was forced to make extremely difficult decisions. The flu had taken Mutti’s life. Mutti was dead. Ollie and Max were now dependent upon Pia for their care and survival. As their food dwindled and became non-existent, Pia had to decide if she should leave the apartment to look for food or wait for someone to come and help them.

She was afraid the twins would starve. Her mind was made up. She would leave the twins in the apartment and go to find food. Her bravery, determination, resourcefulness and intuition were commendable. Pia had to make decisions that no thirteen year old child should have been forced to make. After finding and deciding on a safe place to leave Ollie and Max in their apartment, Pia set off to find food for them. Her plan was for her not to be out of the apartment for any significant length of time.

She did not want to leave her brothers for longer than she had to. She was feeling guilty as it was for leaving her brothers in the cubby in her parent’s bedroom.

Pia knew that they would be safe there but she didn’t like leaving them there. She had no choice. As kind, caring and accepting as Pia’s Mutti had been, Pia’s neighbor Bernice Groves was the exact opposite.

Bernice was a twenty year old woman who had recently lost her husband in the war and tragically lost her infant son, Wallis, to the flu. Bernice lived on the same street as Pia but in a different building. She grieved for her son to the extent that she thought about ending her own life. Bernice’s life was dominated by extreme prejudice. She could not tolerate the idea of so many poor immigrant families living in America and taking jobs away from “real” Americans. This hatred and bigotry led Bernice to do so many unspeakable things throughout the book.

Bernice had no redeeming qualities. The Orphan Collector told the story of how so many children became orphaned during the Spanish flu epidemic. The orphans were not always treated so kindly. Many ended up in orphanages but others were sent on Orphan Trains to the west to live and work on farms. So many people struggled to feed their families and tried desperately to avoid the hands of the deadly flu. I learned so much about this time in our history.

I came to love the characters of Pia, Finn and Dr. The descriptions throughout the book were detailed and really made this story easy to visualize. The themes in the story were numerous. It explored, above all, the tragedies associated with the Spanish flu, the fate of all the orphaned children, survival, determination, hope, love, kindness, and ultimately never to give up on something you believe in and want so badly.

Following Pia along her moving and perilous journey in made me very emotional. I cried, smiled, laughed, became angry and sad.

Ellen Marie Wiseman’s writing was well-researched and masterful. This was one of my favorite books I have read this year. The Orphan Collector will be published on July 28, I highly recommend this book. I received a complimentary copy of The Orphan Collector in a Bookish First raffle using my own points to obtain it.

Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own. Dec 19, Quirkyreader rated it it was amazing Shelves: giveaways. First off, I won this as a goodreads giveaway. Thank you Kensington Books. This story is a bit of a tear jerker so be prepared.

What was mostly interesting is that I was reading about a 20th Century Pandemic while being in the midst of a 21st Century Pandemic. Jul 24, Rebecca rated it really liked it Shelves: own-a-copy , arc. Set during the Spanish Flu epidemic, 13 year old German immigrant Pia must care for her twin baby brothers after her mom dies mere hours after showing flu symptoms.

Meanwhile, neighbor Bernice is overcome with grief and anger after the loss of her baby son, Wallis, and makes a couple of rash, disturbing decisions that forever alter the lives of herself, Pia, and countless others. It felt like the world was coming to an end. It felt almost surreal reading this book as the parallels to the current pandemic are astounding: racism, anti-maskers, gathering areas closed, misinformation, etc. Just like real life, this book provided a look at both the evil and the good that exists in human nature.

Parts made me tear up but overall, it’s a timely and endearing story of love, hope, and resilience during hard times. Lastly, for even more information about the Spanish Flu, be sure to read the discussion questions at the end.

If you enjoyed this book, then I would highly recommend What She Left Behind 4 stars by the same author about the horrific conditions at asylums in the s. Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania I received an advance copy of this book. The Orphan Collector is a timely story! The parallels to the pandemic and today’s pandemic are eerie!

I have read all of Ellen Marie Wiseman’s books and I think this is the best yet. The Orphan Collector starts in the fall of in an overcrowded, impoverished neighborhood in Philadelphia heavily populated by poor immigrants. The Lange family is from Germany and they face extreme anti-German sentiment.

To prove their loyalty to America, the father enlists in the Army. The deadly Spanish flu is starting to spread. Soon after, the rate of deaths escalate. Pia is left to care The Orphan Collector starts in the fall of in an overcrowded, impoverished neighborhood in Philadelphia heavily populated by poor immigrants. Pia is left to care for her brothers. While seeking food, the twins are taken by Bernice, a neighbor who has just lost her own baby. She sees herself as rescuing the Lange baby boys from their German roots.

The plight of Pia will break your heart. She is determined to find her brothers yet she is riddled with guilt over their disappearance. Bernice is pure evil. The period was so bleak that at times it seemed hopeless. But amidst tragedy and heartlessness, the story has kind and caring people who bring humanity into this dark time.

Review posted on MicheleReader. Jan 14, Susan Peterson rated it it was amazing. Ellen Marie Wiseman has written a sensational, emotionally intense novel, combining the best of humanity with the worst, amidst a world war and a pandemic of staggering proportions. Pia is 13 when influenza strikes Philadelphia, loving and bright, and with an uncanny ability to detect sickness by sheer touch.

Zimmer and Mr. This music has never before been released as a stand-alone piece. It’s the story of f our sexy young foreign girls who come to England as au pairs and quickly become quite intimate with their employers, host families, and jt about everyone else they encounter.

The leader of a jazz trio and a composer of library music before embarking on creating film scores, Webb takes the listener through seventeen pieces of globe-trotting, sophisticated jazz. This is a limited edition of copies on black vinyl plus randomly packed copies on clear vinyl. For more info and ordering, visit Norman Records. The film was a great success, immediately loved by critics and audiences.

This CD is a straight reissue of the previous expanded edition – including the complete score plus alternates – produced by Neil S.

Bulk, supervised by Mr. Shore himself, and mastered by Doug Schwartz from the original two-track stereo session tapes, courtesy of MGM. Featuring a performance by the Munich Symphony Orchestra under the baton of the composer.

The package features exclusive, in-depth liner notes by writer Jeff Bond. Giovanni Fusco composed a symphonic commentary masterfully directed by Carlo Savina.

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Book trailer collector free download

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The mascot of cute fire as garbage collector cute design. Think about it: I can imagine a hundred different ways that a 2 minute trailer about mindreaders could be awful.

It has to WOW on an emotional level, and the only thing that turns those gears is a story well told. This should sound familiar; these are the things that make a good blurb, a good cover, a good movie, and a good book.

When Max agreed to narrate the trailer, the concept for the script suddenly fell into place: Lirium, speaking to us in first person, telling us the world he lives in, the angst he feels, and the trauma that upends his world.

Once I had my concept, it was time to script and storyboard. First, I watched the Looper and Blade Runner trailers again to study their narrative and storytelling style. I wrote a script, rewrote it about ten times, read it out loud to my mother, and finally decided it was good enough for a rough draft. I had already been trolling stockart sites for months looking at cover images, so I had a lot of samples. I subscribed for a month to BigStockPhoto. I used book proceeds to buy a Mac last year so I could upload my books directly to Apple — and figured Mighty Mite, my budding 10 year old director, would enjoy using iMovie.

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Projects Flaticon Free customizable icons. Storyset for Figma Illustrations for your Figma projects. Log in Sign up. The message was something like my datafile was corrupt with 0 records retrievable. I kept reading, would you like to use an auto back-up made two days ago? I was back in business in less than 30 seconds. It doesn’t get any better than that! You auto-saved my butt!

I couldn’t even imagine starting over, this has taken MANY years of collecting. January 20, I even used Movie Connect for a short period.

Not only have those products served me well, but they have also included excellent online app, cloud, and PC support. I’ve asked support questions and described issues over the years, and they have always satisfied m my concerns quickly, often within 24 hours.

Most of the time, I just needed guidance, and they gave it personally, patiently, and politely and, again, quickly. November 10, I love your product! Makes it very easy to keep track of my collection. Some day I may get adventurous and do the same for out book and music collection! October 13, Just letting you know of my appreciation for your 2.

I now use your cloud almost exclusively for my listings and details. I’ve been experiencing some disk problems and didn’t realize my movie collector database was on that drive. This morning, Movie Collector wasn’t opening and I was having other problems. I then saw a life saving message from your software. To set the scene, I have nearly 3, movies and TV series I’ve catalogued. The message was something like my datafile was corrupt with 0 records retrievable. I kept reading, would you like to use an auto back-up made two days ago?

I was back in business in less than 30 seconds. It doesn’t get any better than that! You auto-saved my butt! I couldn’t even imagine starting over, this has taken MANY years of collecting. January 20, I even used Movie Connect for a short period. Not only have those products served me well, but they have also included excellent online app, cloud, and PC support.

I’ve asked support questions and described issues over the years, and they have always satisfied m my concerns quickly, often within 24 hours. Most of the time, I just needed guidance, and they gave it personally, patiently, and politely and, again, quickly. November 10, I love your product! Makes it very easy to keep track of my collection.


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Click the Add button. Cover art, movie posters, backdrop art and trailer videos. For TV Series, full episode details plot, first air dates, cast and screen shot images. Movie Collector can also catalog your movie files.

Just let it scan your computer for digital movie files, then link the files to your movies or episode entries. After that, the movies can be played right from your movie details panel. Use the free CLZ Cloud service to: always have an online backup of your movie database. Read more reviews from customers. This subscription fee includes: the ability to use the software on one PC or Mac access to our frequent software updates with new features and improvements access to our Core online database for adding new items access to our CLZ Cloud service for online backups, for syncing to mobile app and for online sharing access to the Find Cover Online service customer support by email, 7 days a week A Movie Collector subscription can be used on ONE PC or Mac.

CLZ Movies mobile app for your phone or tablet. Movie Connect web-based software for your computer. Movie Collector for advanced Windows users. Home What’s new? Reviews Buy Support Manual. Movie Collector Downloadable desktop software for Windows. Compatibility: Windows 7, 8, 10, Install software on your own computer Manually manage software installation and all software updates. Local data storage on your own hard-disk Full control over your database files, image files, settings and data backups.

Optional cloud syncing and storage Sync your database with the CLZ Cloud, for online sharing and syncing to the mobile app. Browse, sort and search your movie collection in various layouts and views Movie Collector’s main screen is highly customizable, so that you can make it look the way you want.

Adding movies by title:. Adding movies by barcode:. Windows v More Windows updates. November 24, Thank you for your prompt response and for such a wonderful program.

I have over films and I tried a lot of programs when I was trying to find a cataloguing system. CLZ was by far the most efficient, powerful and aesthetically well designed. I look forward to using it for many years to come! August 11, Voice Over Max narrated the script and sent me the file, which I imported into iMovie via iTunes; pictures are imported via iPhoto. I had basically three tracks: still photos overlaid with effects and titles, the music track, and the voice over.

You give information with images, text, and voice-over. You create mood, build tension, provide release with music. The beats of the trailer have to fit the rhythm of story, just as a novel or short story would.

In just a minute of pictures and story and music? Think what I can do if you give me your attention for longer…. Do Trailers Sell Books? They can, but generally, I would say no. I know people bought my Mindjack books based on the trailer because they told me.

Trailers are hopefully fun for your current readers and give them a way to share your work with others. Which is awesome! So strive for unique. Be innovative! Great to know! And they’re like you say, fun to share when you’re excited about a book. Left a comment on YouTube. No, no, no. Most self-published books aren’t very good. Figuring out if a book is worth your time is MORE of a time investment that most people are willing to do. But what if you have a link to a video?

That requires a two-minute time commitment. Even if it’s terrible, the potential buyer has spent only two minutes on it. Watching a video doesn’t require the same kind of sustained attention as reading a book. So people weigh the opportunity cost– no matter how unconsciously that happens– and they are so much more likely to click on that link to a video.

So more and more authors are creating and putting up book trailers themselves, BUT That’s really why this book makes sense. It has excellent advice on structuring and writing your trailer, as well as on choosing images. There’s a great selection of links to copyright-free material. There’s also good, solid information about getting your promo work out there on Youtube.

There isn’t really information about how to get people to watch your video, but truthfully, I think that because of the issues explained in the paragraph above, you can make this happen on your own. The drawbacks? This isn’t the author’s fault, but the truth is that you really do need to have experience with editing, graphic design, and motion graphics at minimum! You really should understand color design, alignment, balance, and proximity, eyeline, timing, spacing, the rule, the gatefold rule, the 8-frame rule, and many more.

You honestly do need to have studied and practiced these fundamentals. Sorry– but that’s just the truth. You’re trying to create another art form, one both related to and distinct from books. That can’t be done well without study, experience, and training. THAT having been said, the time to start that study is now! Take notes on commercials.

Try out different combinations of images, text, music, and voiceovers. And yes, there are some other tricks for doing some things that are both unique and appealing in self-published book trailers– things I’ve NEVER seen yet– but I can’t tell you what they are.

Those are the ones I’m working on right now! A good resource for entry-level marketing. Straight forward The book has a very interesting approach. I like the author’s six point formula and eight elements to make a eBook trailer. I plan to add this information to the other material I have collected. The price was well worth it.

Report abuse. Very helpful and worth reading. Explained things I was not aware of, and most information would be helpful if you are just starting out. Honest information for a great price.

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